Weekly Jummah Congregational Prayers recommenced with effect from 26/02/21

Due to the reduction in transmission of COVID throughout UK , the Trustees and the Imam have decided to recommence the Jummah congregational prayers at Wrexham Mosque from Friday, 26th Feb 2021.

Friday (JUMMAH) Timings 1st Salah at 12.30 pm (1.30 pm after change to summer time)

2nd Salah at 1.15 pm (2.15 pm after change to summer time)

Reminder of the Rules.

  1. Face Mask at all times.
  2. Please Bring your own prayer mats and a bag for shoes.
  3. No Wuddu Facilities – Please do wuddu at home.
  4. Strict 2 metre social distancing at all times while in the mosque. Please follow instructions of the Volunteers.